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Coway BA 08 Bidet

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Product Description

The Coway BA08 Bidet is the ultimate personal health and hygiene solution, highly recommended due to its incredible engineering. Incorporated in this bidet are the standard features such as heated water, heated seat and heated drier. It also includes some more advanced features such as the One Touch Button, the narrow, medium and wide spray adjustable options and the Air+ button that enables a gentler yet more effective wash. Integrated into this bidet are 2 separate nozzles, one for the rear wash and one for the front wash, to reduce the risk of cross contamination.


NOTE: For this bidet you MUST have access to the seat bolts from underneath your toilet to attach it.

Unlike other bidets it doesn’t have a detached plate that the bidet slots into.

This bidet’s plate is fixed to the underside of the bidet and is bolted directly onto the toilet.

NOTE: When looking at the bidet/ toilet, the 1.5m power lead comes from the RHS and the water pipe comes from the LHS - THIS CANNOT BE CHANGED


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The Coway BA08 remote Control Bidet toilet seat is the ultimate personal health and hygiene solution for the whole family.

This Bidet with soft closing lid and seat has a heated seat with 3 temperature settings offering wonderful comfort on those chilly winter mornings. The easy to use remote control keypad can be mounted on the wall beside your toilet, or on either the left or right side of the Bidet seat. Press the rear cleansing button and the Bidet provides a gentle stream of warm water that will thoroughly cleanse you and in addition there is a ladies wash just for the girls. The air+ button and wide wash facilities ensure personal confidence. A simple press of the air drying button will have you bathed in a stream of warm air leaving you dry with no messy toilet paper required.

Product Brochure

Download the BA08 Bidet Brochure


coway ba08 bidet toilet seat

coway ba08 bidet toilet seat

coway Bidet BA-07
3 Different Water Stream Widths
There are 3 levels available for water spray mode from a direct spray to a more diffused spray. The intensive cleansing of a focused area or soft cleansing of a broader area is possible by selecting a water stream width.
coway Bidet BA-07
The unit goes to power saving mode automatically when it is not in use for 30 min.
coway Bidet BA-07
Nozzle Position Adjustment
The nozzle position moves back and forth to find exact location to cleanse.
coway Bidet BA-07
Seat comfort is optimized with Ergonomic designed seat.
coway Bidet BA-07
Undersink type
The posterior & feminine wash nozzles are separated to enhance hygiene.
coway Bidet BA-07
Nano Sliver Ceramic Filter For Water Filtration
MF filter for the water filtration is adapted to prevent skin irritations.
coway Bidet BA-07
Aerated water cleanses more gentle and softer and enhances cleansing control.
coway Bidet BA-07
The remote control includes LED display to indicate status of function.
coway Bidet BA-07
The mode automatically operates the ¡®Rear Cleansing¡¯ function for 1 min. and the ¡®Air Dryer¡¯ function for 2 min.
coway Bidet BA-07
The rear cleansing/front cleansing/air dryer/auto cleansing function will not operate if the seat locking mode is on.
coway Bidet BA-07
The posterior or feminine wash nozzle automatically moves back and forth to clean broad area gently in Move mode.
coway Bidet BA-07
Temperature-adjustable dry air will guarantee clean and efreshing finish after cleaning.
coway Bidet BA-07
The water proof designed unit and control panel prevents water damage to product.
coway Bidet BA-07
Self-cleansing Nozzle
The cleaning water will be automatically sprayed to nozzle for 5 seconds before and after using the posterior or feminine wash nozzle.
coway Bidet BA-07
The warm seat improves seat comfort.
coway Bidet BA-07
The button beeps can be turned off if it is necessary.
coway Bidet BA-07
The nozzle will be extended to the maximum length for nozzle cleaning.
coway Bidet BA-07
The LED on the bidet seat flashes and the alarm is turned on if the problem is detected.
Water Filtration System

Coway Electronic Bidets BA-08 FOR HYGIENE
Wide Water Stream
Air + Water Stream
Nano silver ceramic filter
Twin nozzle
Nozzle self cleaning
Nozzle cleaning
Dry control
Heated seat
Automatic movement of nozzle
Auto cleansing
Mute mode
Auto power saving mode
Seat locking mode
Ergonomic seat
5 levels of nozzle position adjustment
Remote control
Engineered for your safety
Soft open / close

Coway Electronic Bidets BA-08
Air + Water Stream
With the technology that combines air bubbles, this evolutionary cleansing method makes cleansing more powerful, while saving more than half of water consumption. Air pump inserts air bubbles into the cleansing water, smoothens the stream of water for bidet. The air bubbles blows off when they touch human skin, which makes it more cleaner.


Warranty Information

We supply only Coway and EcoBidet products as we find them to be the most reliable on the market.

All Bidets come with a Manufactures warranty that covers 100% replacement parts and labour for 12 months.

If your Bidet incurs a problem we request that you contact our seven day a week support centre as most issues can be solved over the phone. If this is not the case we will arrange free shipment to our support centre, where all repairs are carried out by a qualified technician. Products are normally repaired the same day and once the repair and testing has been carried out the Bidet is shipped back to you free of charge immediately.

Our friendly professional staff would be happy to discuss the new 3 year extended Peace of Mind Protection Plan now available for our Coway customers and our buy-back option for all existing customers.

Due to health reasons we will not refund or credit you for your purchase simply because you have changed your mind. We will refund exchange or credit if the goods are faulty and cannot be repaired, have been wrongly described or are different from a sample show to you.

Please retain your invoice for the period of your warranty.
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