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Below are the most commonly asked questions regarding our bidet products.

If you do not find an answer you a looking for, please contact me via the green chat link below.

Alternatively, you can call us on 0800 450 837.

Bidet Information

General Information

  • Payment Options?
  • Shipping Information?
  • Warranty and Returns Policy?
  • Terms and Conditions?
  • Privacy Policy?
  • Payment Options?

    Payments via phone. What are my options?

    If you phone an order we can process Visa and Mastercard only.

    Visa, Mastercard

    Credit Card processing over the phone 0800 450 837 is only available on weekdays between 9am to 4pm.

    paypalPayment via Paypal

    Paypal is a good option for both buyer and seller as it offers significant fraud protection.

    Visa, Mastercard

    For Overseas Buyers

    For overseas buyers Paypal is the only option we accept. Paypal also supports a wider range of credit cards including Amercian Express.

    Payment via Direct Deposit

    Acct: The Bidet Shop
    Bank: ANZ
    BSB: 01-0194
    Acc No: 0326868-00

    Note: Please include your invoice number in the comments or reference area when depositing. If your banking institution does not include this facility please send an email to accounts stating your order number so we can process your order immediately.

    Cheque & Postal Order

    Simply send a copy of your order with cheque or postal order to the address below:

    The Bidet Shop

    Unit 5/ 31 Princes Street, Onehunga, 1061, NZ

    Note: Please include your invoice number in the letter. If you do not have an order number please call us on 0800 450 837

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    Shipping Information

    Delivery Address and Contact Details

    When placing an order with The Bidet Shop Online we require a physical street address. To assist us in processing your order, please also provide your phone number. Please note that Post Haste require in some cases an authorised signatory to be at the delivery address to sign for and collect the goods.

    *On small parcels (electronic bidets excluded) the parcel will have a tracking number but no signature on delivery required to deliver the goods. If signature on delivery is a must please contact us to arrange customise postage.

    Standard Shipping Method: Post Haste

    The Bidet Shop Online use only Post Haste to deliver all our products. The service provides  2-3 business days delivery, electronic bidets orders require signature on delivery in most cases. You have to be at the address given to receive the goods.

    Delivery Charges

    Standard Delivery charges are $35.00 NZ per item below $1000.00 New Zealand wide .

    In some circumstances delivery charges may increase from $35.00 per order due to incorrect address data, repeated attempts to deliver a package without success due to client unavailability or other unforseen circumstances.

    Throne Range Units are delivered at $80 for STM base and $200 for Ceramic base.

    Proof of Delivery

    Should you require a proof of delivery at any time (after the standard lead time), please call us on 0800 450 837 or email: sales@thebidetshop.co.nz and we will arrange for a copy to be sent to you.

    Not received item

    If you have not received your order after 5 business days, please contact us on 0800 450 837 and one of our staff members will track your order.




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    Warranty and Returns Policy?

    We only supply Coway, EcoBidet and Throne products, these we have found to be the most reliable and problem free bidets on the market today.

    You can feel at ease that if your bidet breaks down due to a manufacturing fault during the warranty period we will gladly pay for authorised shipment of your bidet to our repair centre.

    It's not your fault if you have a problem so why should it cost you money to send it off for repair. This service is unique to The Bidet Shop and is not offered by any other company to our knowledge.

    Products are normally repaired within 1-2 days of them arriving. After repairs and testing have been carried out it will then be shipped straight back to you.

    With the confidence we take from the quality of our bidets The Bidet Shop has recently introduced a Peace of Mind Protection Plan for customers who wish to extend the standard manufactures warranty.

    With four plans to choose from and a buy-back option, there is something for everyone.

    Our product (bidets) functionality is dependable on the correct water pressure at your location.

    The products (bidets) been designed to work with water pressure as low as 100kpa up to 680kpa.

    If your household water pressure is above 680kpa you are required to use a pressure restrictor the pressure restrictor is available when you place your order. If your water pressure is below 100kpa the bidet may not operate correctly.

    If you are using tank water or use a household water pump please ensure you have the minimum required pressure (100kpa).

    Refunds will not be given if you fail to check this prior to purchasing our product (bidets).

    Please choose carefully we do not normally give refunds if you simply change your mind or you ordered the wrong size (please use our size guide and instalation instructions to qualify your toilet for the bidet you want to purchase ), or for health reasons if the bidet has been used. A restocking charge up to 20% may be applicable.

    You can choose between a refund, exchange or credit where goods are faulty and cannot be repaired, have been wrongly described, or are different from a sample shown to you.

    Please keep your invoice for warranty purposes. Warranty period is from 12 to 24 months depending on the model from date of Invoice.

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    Terms and Conditions?

    Limitation Of Liability And Warranty

    All items offered for sale on this site have been displayed with the pictures and text supplied by the manufacturer. Whilst every effort is made to verify this information, mistakes can occur for which The Bidet Shop Online cannot accept any liability.

    If however, this effects the use of your purchase, we will be happy to exchange any item as detailed in the return and refunds section within Store Policies.

    Warranty period is 12-24 months depending on model from date of Invoice. For full details please click here

    Returns Policy

    All returns are subject to our returns policy available here. If you believe you have received a faulty product please review our product return procedure here.


    All the pricing on the website and the quotes we give you are based on market prices and what we have in stock. If prices go up we have to charge you more money. If you place an order and we do not have stock, and our new stock has gone up in price then we have to charge you the new price (we try to avoid this). However this works both ways, if prices go down, we will charge you less money. We would never charge a credit card a different price without the buyers permission. If you are not happy with the new price you can cancel the order without penalty.


    All quotes are valid for 5 days only unless noted otherwise.

    Ordering Methods

    We accept orders by the internet, phone and conventional mail.

    Payment Methods

    We accept the following payment methods:

    • Credit Card: Visa & Mastercard via Paypal payments
    • Credit Card: Visa & Mastercard via phone
    • Direct Deposit
    • Cheque

    For full payment details please click here

    Online Transactions:

    We use Paypal to process online credit card transactions as both have excellent security practices. If you do not feel comfortable processing your card online you may phone your details through. Once processed all records with your details are destroyed. We do not keep credit card details.

    Purchasing Risks

    There are a few things you should know as a consumer before purchasing any goods.


    If you pay for the product before it is shipped, you own the product ex warehouse.

    If you purchase on account, The Bidet Shop New Zealand retains ownership until you pay. If you cannot pay, we are legally entitled to collect the goods from you.


    The Bidet Shop Online accepts no liability if something goes wrong while using one of our products. We will honour our warranties and guarantees for our product, but accept no responsibility for loss of business or damage to a computer due to using one of our upgrades.

    Legal information

    Some of the information provided here are legal matters. The Bidet Shop Online provides this as general information. We do not provide it as legal advice. Always seek your own legal advice. Need more information? Contact The Law Society in your state.

    Intellectual property

    This contents of this website is copyright The Bidet Shop 2011. Any reproduction without express written consent will be treated as infringement under copyright laws. Please contact us for further details or to discuss any requirements you have. Some names and trademarks have been reproduced, in a text format, for general information purposes and remain the property of their rightful owners.

    Linking to our website

    You cannot link to anywhere on the The Bidet Shop Online website without our explicit permission!

    Operating hours

    The Bidet Shop Online office hours are Monday through to Friday 10am till 4pm.

    Business Address

    Click here to view our contact information

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    Privacy Policy?

    Collecting Information

    We collect information about you for 2 reasons: firstly, to process your order and second, if you contact us directly to provide you with more information.

    If you have any questions/comments about privacy, you should contact us

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    Why use a bidet?

    The short answer? For your HEALTH and WELLBEING.

    Imagine instead of a shower or bath you started each day by grabbing a tissue and wiping your face and underarms, would you feel clean?

    The bidets we supply cleanse your private parts with a stream of pure filtered warm water and then dries you with a gentle temperature controlled air flow every time you use it. Leaving you feeling fresh and clean. No amount of toilet paper can clean you as well as the washing and drying functions performed by an electronic bidet.

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    I thought bidets were only for women?

    That is a popular misconception. The bidet is highly recommended by health specialists for use by both men and women. Our bidet has 2 cleansing nozzles.

    One being for cleansing of the bottom and the other for the exclusive cleansing of the vaginal area. For women who want more effective feminine hygiene during monthly menstrual cycles, the bidet is the best way to accomplish this task.

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    Is it easy to install?

    The bidet can be installed directly to the existing plumbing of your toilet. All the parts required are included, and the instructions are easy to follow.

    The only thing that you will have to do after connecting the plumbing, is to plug the unit into a wall socket. And if you don't want to do it yourself, any handyman or plumber can install your bidet in a few minutes.

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    Is the bidet safe to use on a septic system?


    As no toilet paper products are required and the water is purified by the in built filter, the installation of our bidet system is probably the best thing for your septic system.

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    How much water does it use?

    Not much. About 2 glasses of water (500ml) per average wash. You use 4 times this amount (2 litres ) when you wash your hands.

    Did you know that a 10 minute shower can use as much as 120 litres? So the amount of water you would use with our bidets over a whole year could be less than having 2 ten minute showers.

    A lot of water is used in the manufacturing processes required to produce the toilet paper and a lot of chemicals and dioxins are used in this process. If you don't use toilet paper, apart from saving money every week, you will also be doing your part in reducing the pollution discharged into streams and rivers, generated by the manufacture of toilet paper.

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    I am a personal carer. How will your bidet help me

    The bidet supplied by sales@thebidetshop.co.nz is an invaluable aid to personal hygiene. The bidet is gaining popularity among senior citizens, the disabled, and those with impaired motor functions and those who may have issues with the control of their bodily functions. It has restored a sense of dignity and independence for thousands of Australians (see testimonials in this site).

    We strongly recommend that if you are operating the bidet for another person please use the bidet yourself first to make sure that the temperatures are set to a comfortable level for your patient, preferably at the lowest setting. More importantly these devices can and should be used by healthy people of every age and gender who want to remain healthy and feel truly clean.

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    My children play with everything. Can they start the bidet and spray water all over the bathroom?

    The functions of the bidet can only be activated when a person sits on the toilet seat. When the person stands up all functions on the bidet will stop.

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    How can a bidet improve my sex life?

    When cleanliness is an issue, both men and women who want better hygiene before or after sexual activities can utilize our bidet for the cleansing and pulsating massage functions.

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    Why should I purchase a bidet from you?

    thebidetshop.com.au prides itself on only supplying its customers with state of the art products that have been tested to conform to Australian standards.

    The bidets supplied by The Bidet Shop are the most advanced bidets on the market today. They feature an instantaneous heating system that heats the water instantly while you use it. They have no internal tank that requires heating as all other bidets have. We all know what problems may occur with water sitting warm in a container over a few days. So the water supplied by our bidets is as fresh and clean as possible.

    Our bidets also feature two separate cleansing nozzles one for the bottom and one for the ladies so any cross contamination that may occur with a single nozzle bidet can't occur with a bidet from The Bidet Shop. Many of the bidets that we have considered for introduction into the Australian market – (units that may have passed the European, American and Asian safety standards) - fall short of meeting the strict Australian standards requirements and are therefore rejected by The Bidet Shop.

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    What about price?

    Our range of bidets are probably the most affordable bidets on the market today when compared to bidets of equal standard and quality. Over a 2 year period the money an average family with 3 children will save on toilet paper alone, will offset a major portion of the price of a bidet.

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    History of the Bidet?

    Bidets are often referred to as washlets, bidettes and Japanese toilet seats. Although bidet is the accepted word for these sorts of toilets. It is established that the first references to the bidet as it appears now trace back to late 17th century France. It is thought that these bidets were first made by French furniture makers. The first electronic bidet was made in the 1960's, however, non-electronic bidets are extremely common in many European, Asian, and Middle-Eastern countries and because of this, bidets are commonly a standard fixture in all buildings.

    The bidet's popularity in the western world is rapidly catching on, this is due to the fact that bidets are far superior than using the western method of toilet paper; especially in the hygiene department. The reason why the bidet has not been completely embraced however, is mainly due to the bidet being seen as intimidating and strange for first time users. While the bidet may be strange at first use, once you use it you will not know why you didn't buy one sooner.

    At The Bidet Shop Australia we commonly have customers that want a bidet after returning from overseas and having experienced first hand the benefits and comfort that a bidet provides as opposed to toilet-paper toilets. It is because of these features and benefits that they can't stand to use traditional toilet paper toilets any longer.

    Many well travelled people, many celebrities and people from all walks of life regardless of age or gender have abandoned the archaic method of wiping and have fully embraced the bidet, often buying one for every toilet in their house.

    Check out our videos

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    Bidet Standards?

    To our knowledge

    • Most bidets in the Australia and New Zealand markets are sold lacking the required certification and testing and/or supplied and installed by importers that work out of their homes.
    • Bidet Shop Australia is the only supplier and retailer of bidets, walk in baths and associated products that actually has it's own retail shops, warehousing, distribution facilities and installation networks throughout the country.
    • Bidet Shop Australia is the only bidet supplier in Australia and New Zealand to hold Watermark Level One and Electrical Certification. (Not just Ctick)


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