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Bidet Charities

Our motto:
Restoring dignity and self esteem !

Since our inception in 2004 the bidet shop has made a policy that a percentage of turnover should be donated to needy causes.

Since 2008 we have donated thousands of dollars every year to causes that tug at our heart strings

Our charity suggestions are:

Fred Hollows:

For every $25 you donate to the Fred hollows foundation they can make a person see.

Cambodian well system:

For the Cambodian well system you can provide a well to provide clean water for a village for as little as $600 all of us should remember the killing fields and this country have not recovered.

Multiple sclerosis:

Multiple sclerosis is a major disease that affects all people around the world not just in Australia.

Most sufferers we encounter are children and any amount donated will make another person’s life a little bit easer.

Living for Life Women's Health
Living for Life Women's Health
But how do you pick a charity that will pass your donation to the people who need it.
Some charity’s use 65% of moneys collected for running costs, so only 35 cents out of every dollar donated get to the people who should benefit from your donation.
And we find this unacceptable so we have only donated to charities or causes that give most of the money donated to the real cause.
Fred Hollows (2011) Fred Hollows (2010) Cerebral Palsy
ccf04072012-0001-page-2.jpg ccf04072012-0001-page-1.jpg Cerebral Palsy League
Fred Hollows (2009) Fred Hollows (2008) Fred Hollows (2007)
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Cambodian well system Cambodian well system