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Why purchase from The Bidet Shop?

- We been in business for over 15 years so we are here to stay.

- All our electronic bidets come with 2 Year Warranty

- All our bidets are Australian Watermarked and Elctrical certified 

- Next day dispatch or delivery depends on you location


Use GIFT as the coupon code.

Save up to $400 on selected bidets when you purchase today.



Eco Range Specials

   Coupon Code  GIFT
   RRP Special    Discount
Eco Bidet S200  $990
  Save $400
Eco Bidet S300  $1290 $890   Save $400
Eco Bidet R500  $1490 $1090
  Save $400


Coway Range Specials

   Coupon Code  200off
   RRP Special    Discount
Coway BA-08
$1690 $1290 
  Save $400
Coway BA-13A
 $1690 $1290 
  Save $400
Coway BA-13B
 $1890 $1490 
  Save $400


* Price and warranty does not include installation and/or de-installation.

** 2 Years Warranty on all electronic bidets

  • 100% replacement warranty, first year.
  • 100% parts and labour second year.

If you have any issues purchasing our bidets online please contact us using the Contact Us page on our website.